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Message from one of the Duke students Jay O'berski had a sexual relationship with while he was a professor at Duke University.

This is from the post here: but I'm posting it in it's own spot due to how important it is and adding a vital update.   Update 10/10/19:   I posted this as a comment, but wanted it here as well so it's easier to find. This is from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. I have personally confirmed their identity: "I met Jaybird as an undergraduate student. He was my professor at Duke. We spent a lot of time together outside of the classroom. He spent time with fellow classmates outside of the classroom as well, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. He made me feel understood and loved. I was quite conservative, which changed when he introduced me to a world in which sexual relationships appeared limitless (as he engaged in these intimately with cast members and friends). It was intoxicating and felt amazing at the time. Completely consensual and lovely. From where I stand now, I wish he had lov

That time that Jay O'berski admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with an undergraduate student at Duke University while he was a theatre professor there.

This clip is part of this post: but I wanted it here on it's own to be more easily findable.    Update 11/22: Erin Bell just added this brave testimony to the comments. "Hello everyone, For those of you who don't know me, my name is Erin Bell. I have been LGP's webmaster for 5 years and on their board for 2. Over the years I have also stage managed and acted for LGP as well as photographed their shows. Jaybird recently confessed to me that he did in fact have sex with an undergraduate student. I'm not cool with that. This morning the straw that broke the camel's back was Jaybird threatening to call someone's employer as a consequence for them speaking out against him. Fuck Jaybird and the horse he rode in on. That is all, Erin" Update 11/24: From Adam Schultz In a series of emails with me today, Jay admitted that he had a conversation with Erin Bell and Cuquis about contacting H

Story of public abuse, humiliation and threats of career destruction at the hands of Jay O'berski and his entourage

This comment was on the original Facebook post from 2019. Posting here for importance. From:  Nicole Farmer I worked with Mr. O'Berski (then just named, Jay) in 2009 as a guest artist playing Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Dire" by Tennessee Williams, at Commonground Theater in Durham, NC. I witnessed several abusive rehearsals where he threatened  actors and intimidated actors and technical staff. He kicked and actor in the rear and caused him to fall down, humiliated in front of the whole cast and some Duke University professors who were watching this early "open rehearsal". I was shocked that none of the cast, including the actor who was kicked, refused to say anything and acted like this was normal. I ended up writing Jay a lengthy letter explaining why I thought he was a bully and abusive to the artists who were donating their time to his