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Message from one of the Duke students Jay O'berski had a sexual relationship with while he was a professor at Duke University.

This is from the post here: but I'm posting it in it's own spot due to how important it is and adding a vital update.  

Update 10/10/19: I posted this as a comment, but wanted it here as well so it's easier to find.

This is from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. I have personally confirmed their identity:
"I met Jaybird as an undergraduate student. He was my professor at Duke. We spent a lot of time together outside of the classroom. He spent time with fellow classmates outside of the classroom as well, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. He made me feel understood and loved. I was quite conservative, which changed when he introduced me to a world in which sexual relationships appeared limitless (as he engaged in these intimately with cast members and friends). It was intoxicating and felt amazing at the time. Completely consensual and lovely. From where I stand now, I wish he had loved me enough to stand firm on an important boundary. Despite our feelings, we should not have engaged in a romantic/sexual relationship. I was his student. Now I’m left in a confused place, where I’m not sure where relational boundaries should stand. I worry that my current partner will lose patience as I try to figure out what this experience meant. If I was the only one. If it was real. I also dread how easy it became to lie to and deceive those closest to me."

She later asked for this update on 10/25/19:
"I am the Duke student who shared my story with Adam. I’d like to add that I was not coerced into doing anything. I shared this because I was scared and confused, but now I understand my responsibility in the matter. I was pushed to make a statement and now regret doing so."

4/15/23: I have seen proof that this update from 10/25/19 was coerced and Jay was blackmailing her by threatening to send a letter with embarrassing material of a sexual nature to her Family, Boss and others if she didn't do what he said.