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Story of public abuse, humiliation and threats of career destruction at the hands of Jay O'berski and his entourage

This comment was on the original Facebook post from 2019. Posting here for importance.

From: Nicole Farmer

I worked with Mr. O'Berski (then just named, Jay) in 2009 as a guest artist playing Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Dire" by Tennessee Williams, at Commonground Theater in Durham, NC. I witnessed several abusive rehearsals where he threatened actors and intimidated actors and technical staff. He kicked and actor in the rear and caused him to fall down, humiliated in front of the whole cast and some Duke University professors who were watching this early "open rehearsal". I was shocked that none of the cast, including the actor who was kicked, refused to say anything and acted like this was normal. I ended up writing Jay a lengthy letter explaining why I thought he was a bully and abusive to the artists who were donating their time to his production. Instead of a personal reply in person or on paper, he chose to show my letter to some of the cast and ask them if this were true. (So juvinile!) The cast chose to pledge their allegiance to him and inflate his ego with more praise and denial of my accusations. But the most amazing and puzzling end to my experience was when Dana, his partner, who was also in the cast, pulled me aside and told me that I should "be careful" about what I was saying or I would "never work in this town again." It was as if they believed they RULED the Durham theater community. This abuse is not abnormal in the 30+ years I was pursuing an acting career from 1980 -2014, but I applaud your mission to remove Mr. O'Berski from his current position. Thank you, Adam, for writing a very articulate and accurate portrayal of the real Jay (bird).