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That time that Jay O'berski admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with an undergraduate student at Duke University while he was a theatre professor there.

This clip is part of this post: but I wanted it here on it's own to be more easily findable.   

Update 11/22: Erin Bell just added this brave testimony to the comments.

"Hello everyone,
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Erin Bell. I have been LGP's webmaster for 5 years and on their board for 2. Over the years I have also stage managed and acted for LGP as well as photographed their shows.
Jaybird recently confessed to me that he did in fact have sex with an undergraduate student. I'm not cool with that.
This morning the straw that broke the camel's back was Jaybird threatening to call someone's employer as a consequence for them speaking out against him.
Fuck Jaybird and the horse he rode in on.
That is all,

Update 11/24: From Adam Schultz
In a series of emails with me today, Jay admitted that he had a conversation with Erin Bell and Cuquis about contacting Housing for New Hope, the non-profit I was on the board of, about my attempts to get them blacklisted from Durham venues. I'm not sure if he ever actually did this or not. I stepped off the board last month to persue other community affordable housing efforts. He continues to deny having any relationships with students or employees other than the 3 that are publicly known, which he denied before they were publicly known. He also denies ever blackmailing anyone though I'm not sure he thinks the things he has done qualify as such.